Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 1:01 PM
Sacred Heart Parking Lots will be closed for Sealcoating & striping from Sun. May 27 6pm to Wed. May 30 8am. Sacred Heart morning daily Masses will be held at Sts. Martha & Mary's in Lakeville.

Faith Formation Schedules

Sacred Heart and Sts. Martha and Mary

To register for Sacred Heart Generations of Faith/First Eucharist Prep: Click here

To register for Saints Martha and Mary Generations of Faith/First Eucharist Prep: Click here

To register for Saints Martha & Mary Confirmation Preparation: Click here


Sacred Heart Sts. Martha and Mary
Generations of Faith 2018-19 Generations of Faith 2018-19
First Eucharist Prep First Eucharist Prep- coming


  • Year 1
  • Year 2
Confirmation Prep* Confirmation Prep
  • Level I
  • Level II

*To register for Sacred Heart Confirmation Prep
please call or email Lori Handerhan:



Contact Info

Generations of Faith Director:
Michelle Sylvia

Sacred Heart Eucharist Prep:
Eleanor Hurley

Sts. Martha and Mary Eucharist Prep
Bernadette Nelson

Sacred Heart Confirmation Prep
Lori Handerhan

Sts. Martha & Mary Confirmation Prep
Joanne Mercier

St. Rose of Lima Generations of Faith
Brenda Roose

St. Rose of Lima Confirmation Prep
Carol Galante-Dias

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