Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 1:01 PM
Sacred Heart Parking Lots will be closed for Sealcoating & striping from Sun. May 27 6pm to Wed. May 30 8am. Sacred Heart morning daily Masses will be held at Sts. Martha & Mary's in Lakeville.

Collaborative Team


Fr. John Sheridan

508-947-0444 ext. 10


Fr. Jude Thaddeus Osunkwo

Parochial Vicar
508-947-0444 ext. 18


George Gabriel



Charles Bower

Senior Deacon
   Pictured here with wife Alice!


Holly Clark

Pastoral Associate
Director of Ministries
508-947-0444 ext. 12


Joanne Mercier

Pastoral Associate
508-947-0444 ext. 11


Kevin Mercier

Finance & Operations Director
508-947-0444 ext. 17


Amy Dow

Director of Mission Development 
508-947-0444 ext. 14


Sts.. Martha and Mary Team


Lisa Bosse

Administrative Associate
508-947-2107 ext. 15


Michelle Sylvia

Director of Intergenerational Faith Formation

  See picture above!

Joanne Mercier

Confirmation Coordinator

508-947-0044 ext. 11


Bernadette Nelson

First Communion Prep


Henry Rondelli

Music Director


Rita Rondelli

Music Ministry



Sacred Heart Team


Jackie Bean

Administrative Associate 
508-947-0444 ext. 16

  See pic above!

Michelle Sylvia

Director of Intergenerational Faith Formation


Eleanor Hurley

First Communion Prep


Lori Handerhan

Confirmation Coordinator



Stacy Dawson

Music Director



Tom Roussell




St. Rose of Lima Team


Brenda Roose

Administrative Associate/Faith Formation and First Communion Prep



Carol Galante-Dias

Confirmation Coordinator/Sacristan



Jack Roussell

Music Director and Accompanist


Support and MaintenanceTeam


Jean Leveque (Lakeville)

TBD (Middleboro)

Bob Gonneville (Rochester)




Not sure who to contact?

Use our online contact form to send a note the the parish office.

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